From Carp to Riches


Tis the season for live carp in the streets! Most people know that Czech’s eat Carp for Christmas dinner. The choice being to have the fish monger kill in front of you or to take a live one home to swim in your bathtub for a few days before killing it yourself. I am definitely considering getting one for our bathtub mostly to entertain the cats as I don’t really want to kill or eat it.

But what most people don’t know is how valuable the carp’s scales are for bringing wealth. I fact checked Michal in the book for foreigners about the tradition of scale collection. It added that you should put it under the plates at Christmas dinner.


Michal only told me about keeping it in my wallet. We want to travel a lot this next year so we got more than our share.



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  1. Kate says:

    Did not know this about the scales! So, where are you hoping to travel this year?


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