Farewell, my dear Gracie

The only tortoise shell in a litter of single colors Gracie selected me. Just seventeen years ago she entered our lives in San Diego. We tried to make sure our current cat, Sophie, (only 2 years her senior) would accept her when we moved into the new house. We hoped it would be neutral territory,…

The Three Chilly Saints of May

You might have noticed it was quite cold this past week in May just like last year. According to my husband it had to do with St. Pankrác, St. Servác and St. Bonifác. It seems that other Czech’s know about these three Saints that come in May, even though there isn’t a lot of information…

Advantages of travel during the coronavirus pandemic: Italy to Prague

When we left Prague two weeks ago the Coronavirus was just mostly in China. The flights to Prague from China were cancelled. At arrival in Italy a person was measuring forehead temperatures as we walked off the boarding ramp. Then the news started to change and Italy was starting to see death from the virus….

Suchej únor’ or ‘Dry February’ in Prague

I’ve known about these ‘dry’ months for a few years now as some of my friends have done them as a way to check in on their own alcohol consumption. Funny thing, I never did that in the past. I figured I couldn’t handle it. Even the shortest month of the year seemed too long….

Breaking up the Czech Grey

Although the winter in Prague has been very mild so far, I knew we would have to take a break from the short days and flat colorless atmosphere and go somewhere else. As a native Montanan, I can handle cold, but that’s only because it comes with some of the most beautiful blue clear skies…