Three Squares


No I’m not talking about meals. It’s the philosophy of my husband that each use of the toilet should only take 3 squares. And he still prescribes to that.

I know its wasteful that I don’t count my squares of toilet paper before each use but it just wasn’t a thing. Our family was not rich or had access to a lot of resources living so far from town but I never felt deprived of toilet paper.

He asked me once how many squares I use? Funny question because obviously I just roll a bunch of paper around my hand and use it. He called it a “muchl”, and accused me of such waste and then claimed that was the reason why our toilets were often plugged.

In his upbringing they used newspaper cut into squares from the “Rudé právo” (“Red Justice’ official newspaper of the Communist party). The other possible type available was a hard brown toilet paper that resembles sand paper. Then there was the more upscale glossy paper – one reasonable side and the other glossy – all folded into squares ready to go from a special dispenser.

I did fact check the use of newspaper as toilet paper and Wikipedia confirmed that prisoners used it often and toilets were always plugged, so I think I’ll stick with my big fluffy muchl.

TPtoilet pper2

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  1. naicc says:

    I’ve been questioned by my mother on this subject. We were sharing a hotel room when she told me I used too much. I responded “No I don’t use that much, the cleaner must have changed the roll”. Yeah right like she/he would replace it with a roll with less paper on.


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