Breaking up the Czech Grey

Although the winter in Prague has been very mild so far, I knew we would have to take a break from the short days and flat colorless atmosphere and go somewhere else. As a native Montanan, I can handle cold, but that’s only because it comes with some of the most beautiful blue clear skies and spirit warming sun.

Getting south enough from Prague to really enjoy the warmth during winter meant going to the Maledives. Well, I’m sure there are warmer spots closer, but this was a dream vacation for us. A friend recently asked how we come up with these places to travel to. Well, when you sit on enough planes reading those travel magazines your bucket list tends to grow longer and longer. Also, dreamy island destinations for people living in the USA tend to be Hawaii, Bahamas, Carribean. Whereas, for Europeans, it is Seychelles, Maledives, and Madiera.

Do we deserve this type of vacation more than anyone else? Probably not. And I make no apologies for being able to go there. All I can do is share a few photos and hope that my dear family and friends find their way to this magical place. Just don’t wait too long. The Maldives will disappear within the next 50 years or so. They are one of the lowest countries on earth and cannot take the sea level rising.

Route: Prague – Doha – Male – Sun Aqua Vila Reef

How did we pick the resort island Sun Aqua Villa Reef out of the ~2,000 islands among 26 atolls? That was all Michal. I learned long ago that if I participated too much in planning our trips we probably wouldn’t go to such far places due to my fears and anxieties (my list is quite long). So it’s like the ultimate trust exercise of falling backward blindly and hoping I won’t be dropped when I let Michal take over the travel planning. So far he hasn’t dropped me. Mostly he picked the island that was fully surrounded by a reef that we could snorkel by beach entry and not have to go somewhere by boat. My only desire was to stay in a villa above the water as I had seen in the travel magazines.

I took the photos above. It was everything I imagined. The water was warm like bathwater. We could walk onto our deck and right into the ocean. All we had to do was wake up, snorkel, eat, nap and repeat. It was a complete dream!

My attempt to include a video below of the sting ray feeding. If not,enjoy some SNL humor.

Sting Ray Feeding Time

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  1. Mila Johnson says:

    What a nice article. It seems that they have the plastic under control, can they teach other countries? I know it is difficult. Is it really going to disappear in 50 years, we better visit the gorgeous place before it will be to late.


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