Thanksgiving was cancelled!!!

Of course, Czech’s don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s not even a day off this week. So some American Expats have the feast on Saturday.  In all the years I’ve lived in Prague I’ve never cooked a turkey. For one, the oven is too small for the undertaking of a full bird. Secondly, Thanksgiving is to be celebrated with my family on Story Ranch.  Even while I was raising Ali in San Diego, we either were invited to someone else’s house or we flew to Montana.

One time I took Ali to Denny’s for our Thanksgiving meal since it was just the two of us. She was about 7 years old and was super excited that we were going to Denny’s as though it was a fine dining restaurant. I was just excited not to cook. I told her we would celebrate at Denny’s with all the other derelicts. When she asked in her adorable voice, “Mommy, what’s a derelict?” I replied, “We are honey because no one invited us over, so it’s just us and the rest of the random diners”. At the end of that very satisfying meal we felt like that was one of our best Thanksgivings ever. No cooking, no dishes, no days and days of managing the left overs in the fridge.



The last time I actually cooked a Thanksgiving dinner was in San Diego and I brought the Turkey over. No really, I brought one of my classmates from Turkey over so she could experience one of our traditions. I’m pretty sure we got enough mileage on that joke the whole week.  After that meal, we had Turkey Tetrazzini, Turkey Soup, Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Casserole and after it was gone Michal finally admitted he didn’t like turkey. So I just didn’t bother again.

This year is a bit different and once again I’m bringing the Bird…as in Birdie from San Diego.  Ironically, “the Bird” is also watching my cat for a month. So I found a place that would serve the whole meal. Especially when I hear about other expats running all over this city looking for certain ingredients to make it just the way they did in the states. The reservations and tickets were made at the Prague Culinary Academy and the day before Thanksgiving they cancelled on us!!!

Birdie from San Diego

So the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving may be doomed for me, but the tradition of being thankful is alive and well. I am especially grateful for the amazing daughter, husband I am blessed with, as well as the ever growing list of family and great friends. I am also so grateful for this eleven month journey (so far) in sobriety. I wake up each day and write a very long gratitude list to start my day. I am one satisfied bird  🙂


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  1. Kate says:

    Looking beautiful, Polly! Thankful for your friendship and so grateful you let me into your sphere (even when you knew I was leaving!).

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Michal, and Birdie! ❤ And have a safe and *fabulous* trip home to your girl!!


    1. Thanks! Your spread looked yummy. Miss you here!


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