Masopust or Meat fasting

This past weekend was the beginning of Masopust in the Czech Republic and it is celebrated like in other countries which have carnival season. Parades, costumes, bands, and plenty of drinking to signify the beginning of the Lent. Ironically I’ve never seen anyone really give up meat or drink for this season.

Normally we would just head out our door and walk about 400 meters to join the city center Masopust crowd which has a million photographers and about as many confused tourists walking along the streets and dropping by each pub.  This year we decided to go to one of the Prague suburbs in Suchdol and see what a neighborly carnival would look like. Plus we were only two of a few photographers walking along. I still can’t get Michal into costume with me ;(

masopust polly
This guy offered me clear alcohol – probably homemade slivovic

To view some of his great photos you can go to Michal’s Photos

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