11 Official Languages in South Africa!!!!

Which is crazy and so I probably shouldn’t complain about having to learn only one more language. One of the guides at the camp in Kruger National Park saw our Czech group heading to him and made me laugh when he imitated how Czech sounds to him. Basically like when an American makes up sounds they think are representative of other languages.  He speaks all 11 of the official languages of South Africa. I lost the opportunity to record him speaking in all of the languages but I did get this partial recording of one of our drivers singing in Xhosa which is one of the clicking languages. For X you make a loud click with your tongue. Sounds so cool, our whole group was trying to make the click. Like blowing a bubble with your gum, you can either do it or not.


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  1. Kate says:

    So was the man who was singing also the person making the clicking sounds? It didn’t sound like that could be the same person!


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