This little piggy….


Went to market. Well, its not usual that you walk near the center of a city on the way to a doctor to see a full pig hanging there with plenty of the parts ready to be sold or eaten. But here in Prague this is Zabijačka (pig slaughter) time, which is in autumn right before it gets too cold or in later winter before lent. Somehow it doesn’t bother me that much, although I prefer not to see my dinner in this hanging mode on the street in front of a restaurant.

My own childhood consisted of hunting season between September and November. So I was used to seeing full carcasses outside our house. Of course our dogs loved dragging around and feasting on a leg or pelvis in our yard. I even helped butcher an elk one season by cutting, wrapping, and labeling our food for the year.

I suppose it is important for city folks to be reminded where their sausage comes from.

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  1. Kate says:

    We used to get our Thanksgiving turkeys from a local farm. They always offered a discount in price if you came and helped pluck/prep the birds on Tuesday. Karl did that several years in row, motivated by his belief that if someone is going to eat meat, they should be know what it takes to get that meat on the table.


    1. Karl is good for doing that. I also believe we need to get closer to where the food comes from.


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