Communist Gum

So this was weird!

We were biking through the countryside this summer and husband was trying to teach me about the words for grain (obilí), wheat (pšenice), etc. It was rare to see one crop next to the other. He told me that you can pick off the husk of the wheat and rub it roughly in your hand. By the way, it hurts really bad. But once the skins fall off (not yours), you have what looks just like unpopped corn. He then convinced me if you have about 30-50 seeds you can put them in your mouth and chew. It tasted disgusting, but after about 10 minutes (if you can stand it) it kind of tastes like chewing gum and popcorn at the same time. Eventually, the rest of the skins divide out and its just gum. Plain, flavorless, sugar free gum. But its really gum.

He told me he and his friends would chew this and loved it. I am glad we have fake flavors as additives now. Later he told me it was pure gluten. Then I was convinced that I was going to be gluten intolerant and would have problems. After a month, I decided I was fine. But I’m not sure I recommend chewing the seeds off random wheat crops anywhere.


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