No, its not an important date in Czech history. Its not even a round number. This is approximate number of emails between my me and my daughter over the past eight years. Its not quite one a day – most likely because she was with me –  because I know I’ve sent more than one email on some days.

Its just a really random number, but its something important to me. To stay in constant contact with her. Time zones, internet problems, Skype, and miles/kilometers will not disconnect us. Its just a number. But its a number that shows I don’t ever want to be out of touch. I’m not sure I could do this life abroad if it weren’t for emails and always the possibility I can see her anytime. I can’t imagine if we ever had to wait for actual mail to know that the other was ok.

No, that would never happen! So I am so thankful for this crazy technology that makes living abroad seem like just another county, town, city, state, country –  or phone call away. And for now it still works and makes me feel like we walk through this world together!

MtLaguna 038

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  1. amy says:

    This is, as the kids today say, “hitting me right in the feels.” Beautiful, Polly!


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