Devils and forests?

“Why doesn’t the devil like when it rains in the forest?” asked my husband while we tried not to tromp through the wet forest. “I don’t know”, I replied nonchalantly because I am so used to these types of questions. “Because he doesn’t like getting wet twice”, he responded as though this was common knowledge.

Its times like this (which are frequent) that I know we come from such different worlds. He grew up during communism in a predominantly atheist country and knows more about devils than I ever would think while I grew up in Montana – wild, free, and religious.

And yet, I agree with the devil. Walking through an already damp forest, while we were getting dripped on from the trees was not that pleasant. However, we were richly rewarded with a basket full of fresh mushrooms for dinner. And thanks to the new app for finding edible mushrooms we won’t get sick or die from the one he thought might be just a little poisonous.




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